Roman Marble Inc. is an importer and wholesale distributor of natural stone products.

This company was started in the year 2000 on the basis of a very simple yet ardent philosophy:  To offer products other companies could not.
Since its inception, Roman Marble Inc. has undergone some changes:



Roman Marble Inc. start business and occupies a 5000 square-foot warehouse in anaheim


Roman Marble Inc. signs a contract to become the exclusive supplier of Alabastrino White travertin , one of the most elegant travertines in the word


Roman Marble Inc. strat purchasing blocks directly from quarries and contracting thier production in Malaysia,China,and Italy


Roman Marble Inc. moves to a 20,000 square-foot warehouse and yard to accomodate increasing inventory and growing product slection


Roman Marble Inc.’s first involvements with commercial project include the remodel of Terminal 5 in Los Angeles International Airport and construction of the New Genesis Apartments in downtown Los Angeles


Roman Marble Inc. shift focus of product selection from Mediterranean
to modern influences to account for the growing demand of contemporary


Roman Marble Inc. increases slab inventory by 125% to offer its unique
products in a greater range of applications

Throughout these changes our original philosophy to offer truly unique products has always remained the same. To stay consistent with our philosophy, our inventory is maintained in the following manner:

Being able to consistently offer new exciting products is the sole result of creative purchasing.

Roman Marble Inc. takes the traditional purchasing method a step further by buying blocks direct from quarries. We then transport the blocks to contracted factories and process into finished goods. By establishing a purchasing chain that begins at the inception of natural stone, we are able to free our company from the dependence created by the traditional supply model.

To discover more details about this process, please visit our “the Source” page, or click HERE.

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