The Source

Here at Roman Marble Inc., we go to great lengths to distinguish ourselves, our products, and our general philosophy about the natural stone industry.

How are We Different?

Our unique purchasing strategy enables the company to supply exclusive and rare natural stone products instead of relying solely on stone manufacturing companies to purchase material.  We take purchasing a step further by buying blocks directly from the source. Our contracted personnel visit stone quarries to inspect blocks, examining them for color and quality, where they are then processed into finished goods such as tiles, slabs, mosaics, or moldings.

By establishing a purchasing chain that begins at the source, we are able to free our company from the dependence created by the traditional supply model.  So how does this strategy translate into an exclusive product offering?

By going directly to the source to inspect and purchase blocks, we are able to target quarries that unsolicited by big stone factories.  Some of these smaller quarries contain beautiful materials that are not being processed and exported, in most cases being solely used for domestic purposes.


Unique Products

Buying blocks from these untapped resources allows us access to stones that are not being mass-produced thus making them rare and, in some cases, exclusive to Roman Marble Inc.  Another benefit to this unique purchasing model is the ability to control the consistency of our finished goods.  Since we have control over the source we can in many ways minimize the big concern with the inherent variation in natural stone.  By controlling the source we ensure our product is consistent from batch to batch whether for distribution or for a project.


The Source

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